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Dwight and Kristina Krauss were up until recently working in Mexico, leading Children are important. They are now preparing to move back to Oregon and have trained three new workers. 

A word from Children are Important

 Dear brothers and sisters, children are precious to God and to us, and it is our job to help you reach them for Christ. Our method is to create NEW Sunday school and VBS materials each year, translating them into various languages so that children everywhere can hear the gospel.


Children’s ministry is often the most overlooked, the least budgeted, and has some of the highest turnover rates of Christian ministries. But there are millions of children who need to hear about Jesus!

That is why we devote all our time to produce original, complete, and relevant Sunday school and vacation Bible school curriculums, training materials, and other resources for children’s ministry.


We do all this because we believe that Children are Important.


Our materials are free to download, free to print, free to use, and free to distribute to other churches and ministries without obligations.

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