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New Life Staff

Meet our Pastors

Pastor Dwayne & Janna Deskins

Dwayne and Janna have been serving and equipping people with life in Christ and relationships for more than 40 years. They have had many titles and job responsibilities, but serving and equipping others has always been their life mission and passion.

Dwayne has been certified as a trainer with the D.I.S.C. Personality Assessment and is also a certified Trainer with Prepare-Enrich; conducting seminars across the U.S.

He is also certified with Couple’s Communication and most recently added a certification with the Acts 2 Journey.

They are founders and CEO’s of RSLV App which is a free conflict resolution app to help people resolve conflict in relationships that matter.

And are founders and CEO’s of Legacy Ministry Network, a network of Pastors and ministry leaders working in covenant relationships and closely connected to APEST (5-fold) ministry leaders.

They are trainers, coaches, consultants, and spiritual parents to many pastors and leaders across the nation


Healthy relationships, systems, and structures flow from them whenever the opportunity arises!

 Dwayne and Janna are passionate about:

  • Fulfilling the call of God upon their lives

  • Building the Kingdom of God through strengthening, encouraging, and challenging pastors and church leaders

  • Family

  • Relationships

Meet the Team

Get to know some of our leaders and assistants who help make New Life function.

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