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Meet our pastors

Pastor Dwayne & Janna Deskins

Dwayne and Janna have been serving and equipping people with life in Christ and relationships for more than 40 years. They have had many titles and job responsibilities, but serving and equipping others has always been their life mission and passion.


Dwayne has been certified as a trainer with the D.I.S.C. Personality Assessment and is also a certified Trainer with Prepare-Enrich; conducting seminars across the U.S.

He is also certified with Couple’s Communication and most recently added a certification with the Acts 2 Journey.


They are founders and CEO’s of RSLV App which is a free conflict resolution app to help people resolve conflict in relationships that matter.


And are founders and CEO’s of Legacy Ministry Network, a network of Pastors and ministry leaders working in covenant relationships and closely connected to APEST (5-fold) ministry leaders.

They are trainers, coaches, consultants, and spiritual parents to many pastors and leaders across the nation


Healthy relationships, systems, and structures flow from them whenever the opportunity arises!

 Dwayne and Janna are passionate about:

  • Fulfilling the call of God upon their lives

  • Building the Kingdom of God through strengthening, encouraging, and challenging pastors and church leaders

  • Family

  • Relationships

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Get to know some of our leaders and assistants at New Life 

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Janna Deskins

Office Administrator

Janna is in charge of the New Life office. She oversees church communication and day-to-day scheduling. Janna ensures we are staying connected to our congregation and community. When reaching out to New Life, you will most likely interact with her. 

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Nathan Crawford

Building Tech

Sound & Media Director

Graphics Designer

Nathan manages our computers, configuration, and operations. He also controls our technical equipment and is the Tech Lead for sound and lights; If we need something IT, then he is our guy. He also oversees church media, including our promos and images for events happening at New Life as well as social media. 

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Isaiah Duckworth

Worship Director

Isaiah is our worship director with a heart for God and leading people in worship. He and his beautiful wife Cheyenne have two young children.

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Eloise Taylor

Missions Director

Women's Ministry

Eloise, with a background of international living growing up in a military family, works with small churches and missionaries to support them in their dedication to others in sharing the gospel. She also leads the Wednesday Bible Connection, a group of warm and welcoming women. She and her husband, Jim, raised two wonderful sons to adulthood and now enjoy the grandchildren.

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Jim Taylor


Jim oversees the church body and shepherds its members. He has the ultimate responsibility to manage the affairs of the church. Before becoming an Elder at New Life, Jim served in the US Navy and worked 35 years for Weyerhaeuser Co. He served as Pastor and Associate Pastor at Menlo Chapel and South Bend Baptist. He and his beloved wife, Eloise, have been married since September 1959.

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Rob Allan


​ Rob Oversees the church body and shepherds its members. He has the ultimate responsibility to manage the affairs of the church. Rob is a man with a heart for God and for his wife Jenny, with whom falls deeper in love with every day. However, he is still trying to figure out how it is that she can out-fish him. ;)

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Mike Johnson


​Mike Oversees the church body and shepherds its members. He has the ultimate responsibility to manage the affairs of the church. He is also married to one of the sweetest women alive, Mrs. Tia Johnson. They married on September 24, 1994. 

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Darren Manlow


​Darren takes care of the physical and logistical needs of the church as Deacon. He recently retired as Captain at The Raymond Fire Department. Darren married on April 8th, 1998, to Wendy Manlow, with whom he raised a family.

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Blake Countryman

Youth Pastor

​As our Youth Pastor, Blake introduces young people to Christ; to disciple them in spiritual growth; to train them in serving Christ with their life. 

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Baylee Countryman

Youth Pastor

Baylee is an incredible leader; she is a fantastic example to all of those around her. She creates an environment that leads our youth to mature both spiritual and mental. 

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Bridget Tustison

Church Business Administrator

Bridget, with the assistance of Anita, handles the financial record keeping, reporting, and bookkeeping procedures. She also works to prepare financial information for the finance and budget committees and works with the Elders/Deacons on business matters of the church. Bridget's work helps keep our church running financially. 

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Anita Lane

Church Business Assistant

Anita assists Bridget with handling financial record keeping, reporting, and bookkeeping procedures. She also processes tithes and gifts through our church weekly and prepares reports for our elders/deacons to review.

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